New year, New Goals

“New Year, New you” a phrase I’m sure we are all tired of hearing every.single.year. For some of us a new year means new goals, new beginnings, and new mindset. For others it is just another day and wayyy overrated. I on one hand, I am a bit of both. I love the energy the new year brings to help motivate people on achieving their goals, even if it only lasts a little bit, its a start in the right direction. I am also the person who always wants to better themselves all year round. Why wait for a new year to start a new goal? My favourite part is that at the end of each year I reflect on my achievements, my failures and what I have learned from them. Its a great time for self reflection and self awareness.

For the business I look at our numbers of growth, our dynamic as a team, changes made to the salon, our skills etc. With self reflection comes to a lot of COMPARISON, comparing my likes and followers on social media to other salons, comparing our prices, the size of our team etc. I learned that sometimes comparing ourselves to others, despite ALL the achievements, will sometimes lead to disappointment. When in reality, I should be thankful that I had ANY type of growth. I realize that makes me seem like I am one of those people who want our peers to do well, but just not better than me. NO! not at all. I am so incredibly happy and proud to be surrounded by a people who inspire me to want to do and be better. SO MY “resolution” or “forever ongoing goal” is to focus on my own lane and count my own blessings, because although yes some people have it better than we do. A lot more people also have it way worse.

Social Media has been amazing in helping the beauty industry boom in the last few years. But it has also been a huge reason as to why we cannot help to compare ourselves to these models who have the perfect hair, skin, nails, wardrobe etc. So we have women come in and try to achieve what someone else may have. But I think we need to change our mindsets to not envy and wish for someone else’ life and look. But to accept that we are already blessed and beautiful and we are always working towards enhancing ourselves and making ourselves feel good. If getting your hair, nails, and lashes done makes you feel good, then we are always more than happy to assist you in that!

SO who is with me on no more comparisons of ourselves to social media peers BUT comparing ourselves to our OLDER selves for 2019?


Kim Le