Hard Rock Nail Academy

In the beauty industry, you don't stop learning once you graduate. It's a lifelong process. After you graduate and enter the working world, you have to cope with so many different challenges. For us, it's important to always stay on top of the latest trends and techniques, to be able to work efficiently and perfect our work! Thanks to Johnny at Hard Rock Nails for helping us do just that. Johnny owns the successful "Hard Rock Nails Salon" and has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years. He noticed the lack of support and education for people in the industry.  With so many trends, techniques and products coming on to the market, Johnny realized that the only resource available to learn from was Instagram and Youtube. Taking pride in his work and the reputation of his salon, Johnny spent countless hours learning, testing and perfecting these techniques and sharing his knowledge with his team. That's why we sent our nail techs Judith and Monica to learn from him at the Hard Rock Nail Academy. There, they learned shaping , 2 bead acrylic application, jewel application, basic marbling, 3D designs, all powder ombre, free hand line designs and more! We can’t wait to check out the level 2 class, and we hope to participate in more classes from other Master Nail Artists as well! Check out some of the photos of what we learned!


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